Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to the LWP Tech Blog!

As we continue to improve the writing instruction that takes place in our classrooms, it's important to take into account the changing nature of writing as a result of developing technology. Our students communicate using a wide variety of mobile devices and have access to web 2.0 tools that allow them to voice their opinions in a variety of forums. As their teachers, we are tasked with helping them learn to be effective, creative writers in both digital and analog environments.

The LWP Tech blog will showcase a variety of technology resources that Longleaf members can use in their classrooms, including reviews of books on digital writing and social networking, ideas for using web resources for writing instruction, and step-by-step instructions for implementing tech tools.

Additionally, this space houses the Writers' Forum. Similar to the National Writing Project's e-Anthology, this forum provides Longleaf writers with a place to post and discuss original compositions and to share classroom experiences throughout the year.

Feel free to post comments if you have any questions about content posted on the blog or if you are interested in learning about a particular tool, resource, or strategy.

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