Thursday, April 7, 2011

#blog4nwp - Cita Smith

Cita Smith is a language arts teacher at Tuscaloosa Academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

One day I picked up a postcard from my mailbox in the teacher workroom and saw the words Longleaf Writing Project. The word writing jumped out at me, and as I read on, I knew that LWP was for me. I could hardly wait to apply! As a longtime middle school English teacher, I am always seeking new and better ways to teach writing. And, I must admit, I also look for opportunities to develop and expand my own writing.

LWP ignited my passion for teaching and writing in ways I did not expect. Connecting with others who fight many of the same daily classroom challenges was in itself a gift. Hearing ideas from young teachers was enriching. Learning a new approach from someone who teaches five year olds was exciting. Reading the work of educators from all over the country on e-anthology was inspiring. Everything about LWP was uplifting. I brought back many ideas to my classroom and have felt a difference in my approach to teaching. LWP was like a B-12 shot to my teaching career. For this next year, I have been asked to serve as a consultant for the upcoming participants, and I welcome that opportunity. I hope to see other teachers come away from this experience with the same positive feelings that I have.

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